Control Homekit devices from Homey

Hello, big main problem. I have lightstrip - Smart Lighting | Europe » Nanoleaf Essentials Smart Light Bulbs and LED Light Strips
And want them to turn off when I do something with my Aqara Cube.
Problem is that the strip could be only in AppleHomekit which I have at home and Aqara are in Homey.

  1. How to start for example siri shortcut or HomeKit scene when a Homey flow start?
    I saw only that Siri can launch Flow in Homey. But not in opposite steps.
    For example double tap with cube (which is in Homey) will launch HomeKit Scene or anything with Apple. I want to take all lights off with that cube. But some lights is in HomeKit only because i cant add Nanoleaf lightstrip to Homey
  2. By the way - why the hell Athom wont support this lightstrip? Nanoleaf is so commercial!

You have to ask Nanoleaf. Nanoleaf itself is the developer of the app.

From what I can see, it uses Thread. Homey doesn’t support Thread, and AFAIK cannot support it due to lack of the correct hardware.

But if the device supports HomeKit, you should take a look at the HomeKit Controller app.

You’re right, @robertklep. Didn’t looked on the website of Nanoleaf.
The „old“ ones using WiFi.