Nanoleaf Missing Some Devices

I’ve been loving Homey Pro 2023 after switching from Home Assistant. All my devices can be added into Homey Pro through their apps without needing Home Assistant except one. Unless I am missing something, I can’t add my 4D TV light strip to the network, it doesn’t show up as a matter device. It does add into Nanoleaf app, but Homey Pro won’t detect it or Essentials devices. At least Essentials devices show up as Thread Matter devices, and I can detect them and add them that way, but not using the Nanoleaf app inside Homey Pro. That means can’t do scenes/effects with those devices. I have four Essentials light bulbs and an Essentials light strip that can be added that way, and it does work, just not for scenes/effects. As soon as Homey Pro 2023 Nanoleaf app adds Essentials and TV Light Strip, I’ll be able to remove Home Assistant from my network and fully stay with Homey Pro. I love how the flows work in Homey Pro, especially after trying to set things up with Home Assistant. I love how simple and intuitive it is, and before I buy devices now, I make sure they work with Homey Pro. Even with the limitations above, I found some flows that work really well with my setup. Just hoping to get that next little bit to get over the hump to finish out the ease of use. Future is looking great with Homey Pro!

According the Nanoleaf 4D TV light strip, I would like to refer you to this topic:

Support for Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror + Lightstrip Kit

You don’t need an app for adding Matter devices

Correct. Except, there are two issues for the app.

Essentials devices can connect via Matter, but when they aren’t connecting through the app, the don’t have scenes/effects card available in Flows. There is less functionality for Matter devices, vs ones that are in the Nanoleaf Homey Pro App.

The second issue, is that the 4D lights aren’t Matter devices. The only way I have been able to get them to be added, is as a Home Assistant Device. They show up in my Nanoleaf app on my phone, but the Nanoleaf Homey Pro app does not show them as a device that can be added. This also limits the functionality just like it does for Matter devices. Can’t set scenes/effects cards.

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Sorry, I didn’t see the post in a different forum for devices, when posting about an issue within the app for multiple devices, not just one device. Thank you for replying with the forum rules, when the issue was beyond just one device and a problem with the app. I won’t bother this forum any more. Bye.