Nanoleaf Essentials can’t add to homey pro

Hi,I just bought a homey pro few weeks ago,and still having problems adding Nanoleaf essential to it.
I have around 30 Nanoleaf essential product(both gu10 and e27),but always having problem adding bulb to homey
Moreover,I am using homey as the only thread border router,does this affect?

Hello and welcome!

If it’s Thread only devices: not supported
If it’s Matter over Thread devices: should work.

Maybe drop a note?

I am using the matter version
I know that there are an app call HomeKit controller in homey
Wanna know how to set up

You don’t need the HomeKit Controller app. Which Homey Pro do you have? Matter devices can only be paired to a Homey Pro 2023.

  • Do you use an external Thread Border Router or Homey’s Thread Radio?
  • Is the firmware of the bulbs up to date? Older firmware versions are bugged and you need 3.6.173 or 3.6.196 especially if you have more than 10 bulbs on your thread network.
  • Can you describe your pairing process?

Where did you read HomeKit is involved?
I got the howto by searching for “Matter” here at the KB: