Control 433Mhz cinema screen

I have tried to figure out how to do this but haven’t found any clear solution.
I need to control my (cheap brand) motorized cinema screen which is on 433 MHz but I have not managed it.
I have tested iVision but it does not work.
Anyone here that have made a solution directly with Homey or via some other 3:rd party application that works?
I also have an Epson TW6700 but for this I have found out that Harmony Hub might do the job but if there is a combined 3:rd party solution for both the screen and the projector it would be great.
The less things I need to buy the better.

You could try the brel app (available in App Store) that works on many Chinese curtain/roller blind motors.
You can also buy a broadlink (search this forum)
Making your own app is attempted by many, but not a lot succeed… If you are handy you could record the signal, extract signal definition and commands, then inject that into the brel app (download from GitHub)

Thank you for the answer!
I tried Brel but it doesn’t work.
Maybe Broadlink PRO could work for the screen too?
Anyone that knows and have tested such solution?