Connections with KAKU and tradfri

I become crazy because of homey.
It went well for a time but now after updates there is always (another) lamp that doesn’t work.
It doesn’t even help if I add the device again.
Pfff this now going on for some time.
And battery info of fibaro en aquara senors is also not reported.
Think I will skip homey and go to the separate brands.
What a terrible product…

Welcome to the club.

And do you have a question?

A lot of people are unsatisfied with Homey and/ or Athom. Me included.
But to open a topic just to nag does not contribute to the community at all.

So, i ask again… do you have a question? Is there anything this community can (try to) do to help you?

I Hope you will give tips to avoid above situation.

Is the lamp a Tradfri lamp?
how is it connected with Homey? Hub? Hue bridge? directly to Homey’s Zigbee?

“the device”???

That sucks!

Maybe you can ask in the corresponding topics? i don’t use the energy tab.