Connecting Aqara doorbell to Homey

Good day,
Recently I purchased and installed my Aqara Doorbell Aqara G4 Smart Wireless Video Doorbell - No Subscription
This is nicely connected to the network though when installing the app of Aqara I can’t find anything related to this doorbel.
Is there any path known of when this device is going to be supported. I would like to make a script to make some lights in the house flash when someone rings my doorbell.
So far it works in my google Nest Ecosystem and it can turn on lights now in a set color but If possible I would like to have all my scripts configured in my Homey Pro (2023)

From Aqara I can only find some switches and motion sensors so none of them seem to even get close to adding my doorbell.

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Did you find your device on the app page off Aqara?
If not, then it is maybe not supported (now)
Maybe someone asked it at the Aqara topic?

Wrong answer, this is all about Zigbee.

Sounds like you’re looking at the Aqara Zigbee app, which isn’t the right one anyway.

It may work with the Xiaomi Mi Home app, but I don’t see it mentioned anywhere, in which case there’s a big chance it’s just not supported in any way by Homey (at least not directly).

Might there be a roadmap somewhere of devices to be supported in the nearby future?

There are doorbells of other brands supported and the Aqara one is quite new compared to the others.

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You can start by searching the forum for other users that mentioned the same device, and also find the support thread for the correct app and ask there (provided it hasn’t already been asked and answered).

Same need here. I would like my lights to flash and the Sonos speakers to chime.

Did you find a solution?

Still no solution. I don’t have the feeling that my issue is anywhere addressed or of any priority.