Aqara P1 Workaround


I’m a fan of Aqara products for two reasons:

  1. A nice price/quality ratio
  2. A very good Homey App so I can use these devices in a stable way

Recently I extended my smarthome with some new equipment and I wanted to have the benefits of the new Aqara P1 motion sensor. Normally I check if a device is supported on Homey, but since I was under the impression that the Aqara integration is one of the better ons, I didn’t think to check it.

Unfortunately, the Aqara App (Aqara & Xiaomi ZigBee App for Homey | Homey) isn’t supporting P1 and the developer isn’t communicating about any timeframe to add support.

Is there another way to use this P1 sensor? Or am I forced to sent it back and replace it with another model?


Checking up front is still the way, Wouterr.
You can f.i. donate to the developer and request for support! The developer is an independent enthousiast, working in his free hours on the great app. “Patience” is the word as it comes to brand new products.

You get the point he can’t and won’t promise anyone anything. Even Athom has no roadmap / timeframe.
And please ask in the corresponding app topic of the dev → Support links like that, are available at the bottom of app pages (when provided for).

Yes, I know. I’m not holding the developer responsible. He probably has only a limited amount of time :wink:

I was just wondering if anyone knows of a workaround? A differtent App? Or a general Zigbee Device-way to make this motion detector work?

If there was, wouldn’t you think it would be mentioned in the Aqara thread?

Ahh, I also ordered the P1 without checking first if it’s supported. Stupid of me.

Same for me,… hope @TedTolboom can add it soon. :slight_smile:

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The motion sensor is available in the app but isn’t connected correctly once added to the network. Funny thing is that I’ve added a P1 motion sensor before. Must’ve been an older model because in the developer portal it says the model name is different.

Have six of these bad boys ready to connect so hope the developer has time to look into it soon! :grin::grin:

Love the work so far btw!

Same for me. Didn’t think to check support before I ordered :sob: Hope support is added soon​:crossed_fingers:

Damn, I did the same stupid mistake. Bought the P1 and did not check the driver :sleepy:

Yep I did it to, hope there will be support for the p1 some day. :wink:

Any news here? Whan can the P1 work with Homey?

Watch the app thread, when support gets added it will be posted there. There’s no use in bumping this thread.

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