Compatibility of Devolo Shutter controls and/or recommendation for replacement

First of all you can ask the app developer, in this case Athom itself, if they are willing to include these devices. However, there is no guarantee and no timetable.

Haven’t heard of it yet, but have you tried to integrate the Devolo RS with the Qubino app? Because they look very similar:

(Devolo RS)

(Qubino Flush Shutter)

Even if the Devolo RS are labeled Qubino FS, it’s usually the case that they use their own manufacturer and device ID and therefore don’t work with the Qubino app.
But as we say in Germany: Only the trial makes wise (Nur der Versuch macht klug)… :wink:

Why not? According Qubino homepage the FS is fully compatible (link). You can also check the corresponding forum topic to inform yourself whether there are any problems.