Communication problems between Homey Pro and Homey Bridge


I bought a HOMEY PRO and 3 HOMEY BRIDGES. I have a problem where it seems like the HOMEY PRO communicates with the HOMEY BRIDGE, but the HOMEY BRIDGE does not communicate with the devices. I have the HOMEY PRO in the office and the HOMEY BRIDGE in the garage, where I have other Zigbee devices, but unfortunately, I cannot control them. However, when I move the HOMEY PRO to the office window, I can control the devices in the garage. But I can control the TV in the garage via infrared. So it looks like the HOMEY PRO and HOMEY BRIDGE communicate with each other, but the HOMEY BRIDGE does not communicate with the Zigbee devices. Can you help me?

The Bridge acts just as any other Zigbee router/repeater, which means that it needs to be in range of your Homey Pro’s Zigbee network before it can do anything. It sounds like your garage is too far away, so Homey Pro cannot reach the Bridge, so the Bridge cannot extend your network.

Homey is not forwarding Zigbee messages via WiFi or Ethernet, although the name “Bridge” might suggest.

“Hi, I would understand that, but I can control the TV in the garage via IRF, so HOMEY PRO communicates with HOME BRIDGE. Or it is possible that HOMEY PRO reaches the garage via IRF and controls it through HOMEY PRO.”

If you need any more help, feel free to ask!

IR and RF are proxied over WiFi between the Bridge and the Pro (because they are very simple, unidirectional, protocols). Zigbee, Z-Wave and Bluetooth aren’t.

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Hi, I have one more question. For two days the automation to turn on the lights worked for me and this morning it didn’t work and in the app I see 2 lights that have disconnected from the zigbee and one I see that they are there but they won’t light up. I also have a problem with Homey, because I have free terrain about 10 m from the Homey bridge, so they should communicate with each other, but unfortunately they don’t. Is it possible to find out somewhere why they are not communicating or what the signal is between them?

10 meters is probably too far away for Zigbee.

“Hi, thanks for your response. I’m completely fed up :frowning: The internet connection is strong, I have a direct Ethernet cable connection. And today, for the 9th time, the application isn’t working when I need it the most to turn on the lights, and the automation isn’t functioning. Right now, the boiler should be turning on. On the Homey Pro and the bridge, there’s a spinning red circle. And the app says it can’t connect.”“Meanwhile, it worked on Saturday and Sunday. It’s been non-functional since Monday. And the children can’t even turn on the light in the bathroom and their room.”