Color and brightness after using a Flow

I am new to Homey Pro and have a problem that I cannot solve.

I have created a Flow called “Halloween” where light sources are set with different colours. When I start a new Flow after “Halloween”, e.g. “Light day”, then the light sources have the same color as “Halloween” and a completely different dimming than what is set in “Light day”.

How do I get the color back to standard white and correct dimming?

Want to reset to this color:

the same way as you change it to another color? use a Flow.

Have done it, but the strength of the lights is wrong. Much weaker than it is set in “Light day”.

"Light day”


Back to "Light day”. #ffffff

I had a similar problem with tuya lights. Because there is no flowcard “change mode to…color/white” I only could set the light to white in the color mode what is not as bright as white in white mode.
I solved that by using Raw commands to switch to white mode.

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As I wrote, I am a beginner and not a programmer :slight_smile:
Don’t know how to solve this. Getting too complicated. I thought the Homey Pro would be “easy” to use, but I was wrong.

Edit: I use Namron lights.

This is a way to do it, I have a light which shines ‘normal’ most days, which can do party mode as well.
What I did, I noted all the values and store them in variables.
With a flow to set the light to ‘normal’ again, I set the colors and stuff to the values from the variables.

I retrieved the ‘normal’ light values by hitting the ‘tag’ icon in a timeline card, and search for the light

It’s crazy there’s no SET MODE flowcard.

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I guess the easiest way ist to use the app Zone Memory.
However, because I don’t use this app myself, I can’t help you with any questions. But you can ask your questions in the corresponding topic.

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Well, maybe the app is not exposing or not using the mode property. In any case, setting saturation to 0 basically is “temperature mode”.

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What I am missing in your question for Help, [Tip] Problems with Homey?
Your Homey model/version
but probably more important, the brand/type of your light and the used App (or no App?) to connect this light to your Homey.

I tested with a Awox - EGLO_ZM_RGB_TW (GU10) connected with the original Eglo App for Homey | Homey App v.1.2.0

This device does not have the above mentioned Mode Tag,
but using the Set Temperature switches this Light back to TW (Tunable White) mode if it was in RGB Color mode.
the Set the Hue and Set a Color changes it to color mode.

Other cards like Turn On/Turn Off/Toggle On or Off/Set Dim/Set Relative Dim
work in both modes and don’t change it.

If it doesn’t work for you,
Report to the Brand/Support/the developer of the App that it doesn’t work as expected.
Alternatively you can try to remove your Device and Pair it direct as Generic Zigbee device with Homey to check if that gives a different result for your device.

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Solution to get back the correct light color was to set Temperature = 50 %
Homey Pro (Early 2023), v 10.0.8
Lights form: Namron, Philips, Wiz

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