Codes for door locks

Please add the ability to add/modify/delete codes for door locks like SmartThings or Ezlo can do.

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Guess that is not something the Community can do,
at least for me it is complete unclear,
I think you should be more specific so everyone here understands “like SmartThings or Ezlo can do.”

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Here is a little more detail. I have a Yale lock with Z-Wave. Within SmartThings, I can create users and assign them lock codes to unlock the door. I also have the ability to review the history and to create temporary codes for visitors. Below are some screenshots from SmartThings where you can do this and it will program the code into the lock.

Sorry, it’s still unclear what you’re talking about.
Which Homey app are you referring to here:

When you figured it out, please use the dedicated app topic (if existing), the dev reads along.
It’s mentioned/linked to at the store app page!

I’m not referring to a specific homey app. I’m asking/suggesting for the feature in general. I do not need to install an app on either my SmartThings or Ezlo controllers for this functionality. This is the area to make ideas and suggestions correct?

Yes and No …
With just that little information it isn’t probably possible for any Community developer…
And I doubt that it is possible for Community developer at all (at least simple workable), as i think Athom doesn’t support it in Homey now.

So you probably need to provide enough information that

  1. a Community developer for a specific App can doe something with it. (Preferably in that App thread)
  2. it is clear to Athom what you expect and many others probably also love to have… so they can implement it in Homey Family and design an interface for it .

and probably you need to point Athom to this great idea. (not said that they wil read it here if it is just this post, they don’t have time to read everything here. )

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