** CLOSED ** POLL "Welkom thuis" Thanx all for your input!

As you probably all know the homey app indicates “Welcome home, yourname” (“Welkom thuis, je naam” for the Dutch users). This is a static message though, which doesn’t change if you left the house.

Oddly enough the app knows wheter you are at home, because if you push on you profile picture you’ll get to see an overlay which indicates if you are at home or not and if you are awake or not.

I asked the guys at Athom a while ago wheter this is a bug, or if it was ment to work as described. Their answer was, that it’s a marketing-driven choise to let it function this way… The idea behind it was that Homey makes you feel as if you are always at home… (because you can manage things while you are away etc). Nice story, but if you ask me, speaking for myself, I think none of us experiences this sentence at the top of our app this way…

In fact it gives me the idea that something isn’t working well. As mentioned in other threads on this forum, it should be more logic for a homey-app to be smart, dynamic, intuitive and handy.

For example; if it would act dynamically, then I could see in one glance if Homey knows that I’m at home or away. That would be comforting, because I’d get some kind of confirmation that Homey is aware and in control and specific flows (like turning on or off the lights, heating, music etc.) are being executed.

What is your opinion on this? Please put your thoughts in the comments starting with AGREE, DISAGREE or NEUTRAL and maybe we can organize some sort of poll. If there is a majority for AGREE , then I could mention it again at Athom’s, accompanied with a link to this topic.

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Missing the option…neutral (i dont care)

To explane… i use the app only for making flows (99,99%) to let homey automate my home.
I dont need to start anything with using the homey app. And if i want to know if something happend in my house, i dont want to open my homey app, instead for the things that i want to now ill get a notification.

The 0,01 % is that i have a virtuel button as backup for my home away status, and onestly have used it for the first time a week ago because i left home and the battery from the tile was empty.

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Or fix the message with “Welcome, yourname”.
Problem solved because it is not stating ur actual status.

Good point Roy. I added the option “NEUTRAL” to get a good view on opinions.
In reaction to what you stated; I agree, I also do it like that. But it some cases it can be handy to see at a glance if the homey app/homey is doing what it should do. Does it see that I’m home. And if so, why is this or that flow not working correctly. In that way it helps debugging in some way.

Hey Roco, not understanding your point. In FP I already stated that is a fixed message and therefore pretty useless. It could also been; Homey is your best friend or something like that. But with this post I’m just polling if there are others who share the thought that it should be dynamic.

Ah ok. In that case i DISAGREE

Well if its only for that, i would look at my time line (its in the same screen) i could see al the info that i want to know.

If it would only for debugging, i would say disagree because please let athom use their time for more important stuff. But thats just my thoughts :+1:

Agree, but it shouldn’t be so difficult I guessed. After all, the backend-info is there (hence the possibility to view the two checkmarks), so it would only take a few lines frontend scripting to show that status on top of the app. Reason why is that I hate useless info on dashboards or apps. But hey… that’s just me :slight_smile:

Yeah. Something like: Welcome Koert, u are not at home!
Like u didn’t know that alr.

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Haha, yeah that would be stupid. No my usecase would be, that when I am away, I can see if somebody is at home and if so, who. Timeline shows this info also, but than you’ll have to scroll that and check wheter a home-status didn’t change after that… so that’s why my suggestion is to let the top-notification in the app serve as a nice summary of who’s at home

I like the idea but it’s not gonna work that way.
What if my wife and all my kids are at home? Would be messi aye?

Think that will not be too bad…

That is, if you named your kids not like Annemarie-Dolores or something like that :sweat_smile:

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Now you have to give Koert some credit Roco. He’s even photoshopped your Amstel logo into he’s screenie!

Personally Koert, for a change I do agree with Athom, when I open the app I know all I see there it happens at my Home. So I don’t mind the “Welcome home…” message.
I wouldn’t replace it but yeah, maybe not bad idea to have somewhere at a glance a description of who’s home and not. Perhaps something that can be enabled/disabled by the user.

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@danone Thanx for your reply. I’ll count it as a NEUTRAL. Like the idea of possibility to disable/enable.

Well, you already can see who is home or not, all users are right above it. And if they aren’t home the picture will be more transparent.

I rarely look at that screen, I useally go to devices or flows immediately so my stance would be neutral, as I don’t care what is says there.
I have way easier and faster methods in my house to see if Homey thinks I’m home or not (I turn on/off some decorative lighting based on my status)

And you would like to be able to switch it off for certain users.
It can lead to questions if the status keeps showing:
@home: Rocodamelsheki, buuf-links :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My opinion on the poll: neutral.
Like @RoyWissenburg stated I use homey to automate the house. I want it to behave the same even when I am not home. (You do not want potential burglars to see you are away).

I do not believe in “pretend to be away” modes. If that sets off burglars it would mean they have been watching the house for some time. When that is the case they really want in.

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Like @RoyWissenburg wrote. Let Athom focus on more important stuff.

@FKey That’s not how I read it. After all partially disabling is undermining the whole idea of a presence-system. Particularly one should not want to see a situation like Roco with buuf-links… the horror :rofl:
I understood it like “disabling the whole function / Welcome-sentence” if you don’t use it. That way you gain more space for your timeline, favorite flows etc.

I dont care either.

Why? I almost never look at this section, cause we use iPads in every room, mounted on the wall.
In combination with Smart Presence is see directly who is home, and who isnt.
Also, i dont need a message “Welcome home, Patrick”.

So, my honest opinion? Let them spend there time doing usefull things :wink:


To be honest I hadn’t even really noticed it and, as @Caseda said, the users with their status is just above it.