Let welcome message reflect your status (phone app)

(I’ve read about this somewhere, but no clue where. So I thought, why not ask here.

I’m such a nerd who don’t trusts automations blindly. When I’m away, I always want to check if my lights and media are switched off. Yes my flows alr send status messages, but)

To quickly check your home/away/sleep status, it would be nice if the “Welcome home, [username]” message reflects your status dynamically.

I just discovered the avatar gets a bit dimmed when your status is ‘away’, but I didn’t notice this for a year😉.
So the home & away trigger is already there.

So, in graphics:

At home (The text is Dutch for welcome home):



Anyone with other/better/additional ideas about this?

The idea behind the

Welcome home, Your Name

is that you always have your home in your pocket.

Regarding a visual better indicator is someone is at home I agree.

The dimming is a lot clearer if you use profile photos.


Check, that’s better indeed.

I always think at first: Homey still thinks I’m home! :sweat_smile:

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