Chronograph timers in AVD tile


Would it be possible with a script to show active timers of Chronograph in a tile?

Like if there is 1 timer active, this will be shown.
If there is 7 active timers, this will show?


I see now that I am not able to even show one of the timers in an AVD :thinking:

Do you mean you want to show the active amount of timers in the Device Tile?

Yes, I would very much like that if possible :blush:

And if it is possible also the time that the timer is running (in a tile.)
So you can see, for example, how long the front door was open, if you have made a flow with a timer.
If this already asked and was not possible, sorry for asking again.
And maybe this is already possible I have missed it.

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In the meantime you could do that this way, Mike:

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Thank you, I will give it a try.

Ill look onto it.

Please create a feature ticket at the support link in the app store.

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