#Time elapsed stopwatch tag as input for a timer triggered by a flow

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Hopefully somebody has an idea.
I’m trying to record the runtime of a device between start and stop (stopwatch?) to later use it as input/setting for a timer. This timer is meant to be triggered/started later on by a different event. The chronograph app gives me the #time elapsed, but I can not find a timer that can use this as an input/setting/variable or a countdown timer that can use a card/variable as input for later use. Anyone has an idea? Or maybe I should look for a different app?

(the situation is that one of our somfy blinds does not stop automatically after water damage to the controller, we would like to record the run time open to use it to determine the runtime for close, for fully open/close we can time it and set a countdown timer, but problem starts when the blinds are set in intermediate positions)

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Can’t you put the chronograoh #elapsed time in avariable and use it?

Hey Sandra,

Isn’t this what you want?
Here i use the Chronograph card Get Duration to get the Elapsed time in Seconds and then i saved it in a (Better Logic Library) variable.
After that, you can start another Timer (or stopwatch or transition), set the units to seconds and fill the time with the variable/token.



(Importable flow through the Device Capabilities App.)

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Dank je wel voor het meedenken!
I think I set it up correctly now, tomorrow after sunset we’ll know if it works!
This ‘# verlopen in sec…’ (#elapsed in secs) only seems to be available for input in the ‘better logic cards’ …

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