Adv flow: Tag/variable in delay card

Quite happy with advanced flow for my first one using delay for time limited on/off command.
Now I want to make delay variable depending on some other logic. In this case switch my watering for a duration depending on weather.
I kind of hoped delay would allow variables but have not figured out how to do this yet if at all possible. If not please homey add this capability. If possible please explain how.

Thanks for the already really impressive product!

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You can use Chronograph app f.i.
It can take a numeric variable as timer duration value

Advantage: it survives a Homey restart or power outage.
The delay cards in Adv.Flows just stop and do not continue in those cases, so the flow also doesn’t continue.

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Great! Will try that immediately Thanks!

Works like a charm. Txs again!

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