Variables in flow delays

I was playing around with my KAKU ASUN-650 shutter switches which are not smart enough te remember the position of the shutter like other brands do. I figured if I knew how long the shutter takes to competely close/completely open, I’d be able to instruct it to close a certain percentage by some basic calculations. (example: if the shutter takes 20 seconds, and I want it to close 50%, I set a stop-delay after 10 seconds.)

I have this completely working, have a Siri voice automation that sends the percentage, and a flow that handles the percentage given, decides if the shutter needs to go up or down based on input and the last know input stored in a variable.

The only thing that’s left for me to do is set the ‘stop’-flow after a delay. And I can’t, because as far as I know flow-cards do not accept variables as input. Is there any workaround for this when using the regular flow cards? Or should I give up flow-cards and move to Homeyscript?

Maybe you can use a timer, which starts the “stop flow” when it’s finished (after the time which was set in your variable).

The “Stop flow” trigger “when timer has finished”