Can I use a logic variable in as value for a delay in a Then card?

I have multiple flows which turns on Hue lights and after 300 seconds turn them off again.

I would like to use a number variable for the delay (time) instead of a fixed value so I can change the timeout more easily (for example to 360 instead of 300 seconds).

But at the then card I can input between - random but I don’t know how to enter a variable which I declared in the logic section.

Is this possible or could this be a feature request?

A thought, using Chronograph, you can use a numeric variable for adjustable timer values (not tested);
The 1st flow starts timer X and turns the light on;
The 2nd flow should trigger when timer X has finished, and this flow then turns the light off.


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Thanks a lot Peter for this suggestion!

I tried by making two test flows with a lamp inside the house and it works as you described!!

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