Cheap (EU) zigbee devices to enlarge network

Because it’s a separate Zigbee network :smile:

But I guess I shoule be able to see the HUE bridge somewhere in Homey as Homey communicates with it?

Yes, it’s just a device in your device list. Nothing more than that.

Communication with the bridge is done using regular TCP/IP networking, not using Zigbee.

Ok, thank’s. I didn’t know that Homey-HUE bridge was done with TCP/IP.

And what about my other question:
And how, in this case, can I extend the Zigbee network behind the HUE bridge with a cheaper router as IKEA router?

Different Zigbee network so wont work…

You can add some innr plugs or ikea repeater to the hue bridge too.

How can I do that?

I dont understand the question but if you want to enlarge the hue zigbee network you can buy an innr plug and add it to the hue bridge. Then you have a better hue network:)

Or add Hue bulbs, ikea bulbs or anything that will fit on the Hue bridge and is non-battery powered. All these device will extend the mesh network on the Hue bridge.

would this work? Xiaomi Aqara Camera G2 gateway Edition

Gents, I just tried to add a Aqara Motion Sensor -Zigbee device info my extended network with IKEA Tradfri without a succes!

I have a Aqara Motion Sensor - Zigbee and i am trying to add them into my IKEA Tradfri extended Zigbee network but is not working! I must be close to my Homey while I am adding the Aqara Motion Sensor which is ok trying to do the same keeping the device close to IKEA Tradfri is not working!

Any help please?


Shouldn’t the sensor find its own way to the coordinator (Homey) once it’s added to the network? So add through Homey directly, move the sensor to its final location, and wait.

Also, I don’t understand the “keeping the device close to IKEA Tradfri” step. It sounds like you’re trying to pair the device with a Tradfri device, but it’s already paired with the network through Homey.

Ok, so when I am trying to a new Zigbee device with extended IKEA Tradfri networks, during the setup I need to be close to the Homey and bot the IKEA Tradfri device! is this correct?


I’m not sure what you mean by “extended IKEA Tradfri networks”.

The way Zigbee works is that only one device can be the “network coordinator”. The coordinator creates and maintains the network. You can add devices to that network by pairing the device with the network. Homey is typically the coordinator in your network.

Within a network, you can also have 0 or more routers/extenders. These are always on, typically connected to mains. These devices help increase the range of the Zigbee network, as long as they are part of it. So if you have, for instance, an IKEA signal repeater, it will help increase the range of your network, but you have to add this device to Homey (using the IKEA app) before it will become part of your network.

If you have an IKEA gateway, you have to realize that this will also be a coordinator (like Homey). And because a Zigbee network can only have one coordinator, the result is that you will end up with two entirely separated Zigbee networks. Repeater devices that are added to the IKEA gateway network will not help extend your Homey Zigbee network, and vice versa.

To add a sensor device to your network, you have to install the Xiaomi app to add the motion sensor to your (Homey) network. When you start the pairing process from the Homey app, at least in theory, the sensor device has to be near Homey ór any signal repeater that’s part of the Homey Zigbee network. Once the Xiaomi app is listening for devices, press the button on the motion sensor so it will start looking for the network.

Dear robert,

Thanks for the prompt response and I am connecting my xiaomi devices directly to Homey! i am not using the Xiaomi app or hub! My setup has 1 Homey and 2 IKEA Signal Repeaters for Zigbee, now the question was for the pairing mode where I am not sure if during the pairing i need to be close to Homey or IKEa repeater?


I meant the Xiaomi Homey app, you need that before you can add the Xiaomi devices to Homey.

If the IKEA repeaters are part of your Homey network (as I explained, they need to be paired with Homey before they will extend your network), it should be enough for the sensor to be in range of Homey ór one of the repeaters.

Ok thanks, I was thinking that you need to pair the new device while you are close to Zigbee repeater rather than Homey itself!


Incorrect. The device isn’t aware of the repeater yet because it isn’t added to the network at all at that moment. And the repeater doesn’t know the device yet and thus won’t repeat it’s signal.
So adding to a controller always means keep it close to that controller. The repeating/meshing only starts to happen after successful inclusion.

“close to the controller” you mean close to Homey?