Cheap (EU) zigbee devices to enlarge network

As that is your controller, yes i do. :+1:
I changed ‘the’ in ‘that’, which should make it more clear i hope?

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I’m trying to connect Innr SP-120 to my homey. The first one, within reach of 1 meter of homey connects very easy. But trying to connect SP-120 in the basement doesn’t pair at all; Message on app keeps telling me to connect by pushing the button for 5s. Nothing happens… Is my reach to far ???

Welcome Bart. Did you try the search function? This is a frequently asked question.

In short: Always pair a device within 1 to 1,5 meters from Homey. After successful pairing you can move the device to its final place.

Does anybody know if this light bulb acts as a repeater? (I’m assuming yes since it has permanent power)

Can anyone advise how they have got the Tradfri signal repeater connected?
I have tried probably 100 times in different places different ways over the past couple of years and i cannot do it - always end up going back to the hub…

The Tradfri signal repeater arent sold in germany anymore. Cant order them. Any alternative?

Same in NL. The smart socket is a good replacement.

I use the Sonoff ZBmini to extend the hue network.
Fits nicely behind a wallswitch and can be operated by a switch.
Easily adds to the hue bridge

Thanks! Its a good option although it annoys me a little bit as my “power plug backbone” consits of shelly plug-s.

Can you extend HUE zigbee and Homey zigbee network at the same time?

Nope, a route (zigbee device connected to power) will only extend (mesh) the network that its connected to.

So you have to choose: Hue or homey zigbee