IKEA Zigbee amplifier

Just read that IKEA will be selling a zigbee amplifier :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m just wondering if its an amplifier or a router (or both)

In dutch :

How will it know which network it is on? Think you need to add it somewhere I guess.

From the instruction manual:
You cannot add IKEA Smart lighting
products directly to your signal repeater. A
TRÅDFRI steering device is needed to add

Homey is a tradfri steering device…, right?
So it might vbe possible to add it to the homey mesh and use it as an amplifier (like other powered devices)

Yes, it might be possible. Will test when I have one at hand.

Any news on this? Adding Ikea Signal Repeater as a device in Homey?

You need to install the IKEA beta app.


As Senad writes you need to install the beta version of the app where I have added support for this device.

The device is “stupid” and after including it all it does is routing the Homey Zigbee network. It has no options and no settings.


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Thanks @johan_bendz,
If my primarily objective is to extend the Zigbee mesh network, could I just as well be using an Trådfri power outlet, directly on the Homey Zigbee network?

As mentiond in many topics. Every main powerd device connected directly to homey, helps to extend your mesh


Yes, exactly as Ray says.

(even though my personal experience is that Osram devices have issues routing other brands - odd… and I can’t explain why…)

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Thanks @RoyWissenburg, yes I understand the principle behind it. But while reading and trying to make a choice before buying, there is just as much said about issues with Homey and Zigbee meshing.

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Cant get it connected to Homey. Tried several times.
Anybody with werking instructions?

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Instructions are normaly in the app, just select the device and follow the instructions (dont use ikea so, cant check it)

Adding it while close to Homey? What is the error message?

The led must blink. But thats dificult to see. And after it Homey app says it took to long to add.

I have added one about 2 weeks ago, before some sensors dropped out. After adding the network seems stable and no dropouts anymore. The meshing shown at atoms developer page does not show everything, there are 2 routing routes, 1 to the device and one back, the route back you do not see. :wink:
For me thus it works perfect

But did you add it while close to Homey (the manual says 5cm)? Or from the spot where you installed it?

10 cm from Homey