Cheapest wired Zigbee device

I have probably too few wired devices for my Zigbee network.

There are no further devices that I need, probably a few more on battery.

To increase the number of wired devices, it should be possible to buy some devices just to use them as routers in the network.

Is there any devices that just work as routers or very cheap wired ones that can do the job?

The IKEA TRÅDFRI repeater is quite cheap: Signal repeater, TRÅDFRI - IKEA

If you need new smart lightbulbs or smartplugs, IKEA also has those. LIDL too.

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You can get a Tuya USB repeater for about 8 EURO, works with the latest Tuya app.

Google : Tuya ZigBee USB Signal Repeater


Thank you.
So you don’t have to create a project in Tuya cloud?

Can you send me a link of the component you bought please.


Thank you!

Unfortunately IKEA in my country doesn’t have this.
They said they can probably order it, but it is going out of production.

Tuya Cloud is for wifi devices;
Tuya zigbee, connected directly to Homey, uses the mentioned Tuya Zigbee app.

I can recommend the Ikea

or Lidl smartplugs. Same price a.f.a.i.k.

This is the list of supported Zigbee devices in the Tuya Zigbee app for Homey.

I can’t find either Ikea, Lidl or Tuya range extender devices here.
How do you connect them directly to Homey?

Add them as a generic Zigbee device (“New Device > Homey > Zigbee”).

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Or you can install the test version of the app, which specifically support that smaller white one (which I have)

Well, it’s TuYa, you never really know if a device that is supported for one person will also be supported for the next :man_shrugging:t3:


I found this now with the test version. Do you have a specific device ID for this one so I don’t buy the wrong one?


I just have to test with one and see. It’s good it’s not so expensive :smiley:

I purchased this specific one

Thank you, will check it out!

Do you know if the lack of routing devices cause problems for Homey to add new end devices?

I have reset my Zigbee network and installed Homey with the latest backup again.

Now, there are several sensors that doesn’t respond and when I try to re-add them, Homey says they stopped responding.