Change button display

Is it possible to change the display of a button in the dashboard except on and off or alarm, automatic from a flow? I want to set a button (thermostat) from displaying temperature to displaying the desired temperature without having to manually press the button on the dashboard several times.

What dashboard? shows it by default with the “big tile” setting

Sorry, should have specified the dashboard. I think the built-in app is less flexible when it comes to button size when displayed on a smaller tablet.

Ah I see.
I’ve customized homeydash a bit, and when you run it locally, it looks something like this (without longpressing the tiles)

20°S = target temp
18.5°C = measured temp
Feel free to give it a go

Google hub impression:

Ah, nice! But this is a localy installed dashboard, isn’t it?

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Tried the “” but the buttons are the same as “”?! I have to longpress each button.

Missed that one. :wink: