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Central flow request topic
This is the central topic to make a request for a flow example. There is a flows category and there is gonna be some flows posted which we can all use to make Homey even greater then it is already. This is the place to make your requests.
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Hi, i would like a flow to control my blinds in the bedroom based on an event in Google Calendar. I’ve noticed the iCal app isn’t compatible with Homey 2.0.

I work in shifts and during the night shifts, which are returning every 5 weeks, i was wondering if i can trigger a flow based on an event in Google Calendar to automatically open and close my blinds in the bedroom during my night shift period.

Any suggestion how this could be managed?

So i have set up Homey with IFTTT. I’ve used an existing Google Account where i’ve entered only my night shift schedule as an appointment (reminder does not seem to trigger an event in IFTTT) in Google Calendar, starting at 07:15 (i usually go to bed at 07:50) repeating every 5 weeks

In IFTTT i’ve set up an applet using Google Calendar which triggers on an event (in my case the night shift at 07:15) repeating every 5 weeks.

For THEN i could make a selection in Homey of my exisiting flows and choose for the ‘close blinds’ flow.

Within this flow i started a countdown timer with timer x depending on what day of the week it is and open the blinds when a countdown is finished. One countdown finishes after 8 hours, the other one after 6 hours. This has to do with the last nightshift of each cycle where i have to wake up earlier for ‘switching’ back to a normal life :joy:

Hope you did not fall asleep here but i assumed there must be more people working in shifts :wink:

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Can someone post a flow that does the following without the use of countdown timers.

  1. if a contact alarm in goes on -> turn on the light in
  2. if a contact alarm in goes off and all contact alarms in are of wait 10 seconds.
  3. if in these 10 seconds a contact alarm goes on again stop timer. Otherwise if the time’s up kill the light in

I’m just wondering if this is possible without the use of countdown or any 3rth party apps

Only way to achieve this without timer apps is using the delay of a flow card. This can’t be stopped so sounds to me unpossible without using timer apps.

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I am looking for the possibility to stop or enable a flow in Homey with Iftt.
I don’t want the shutters open when the sun disapears in the afternoon when my husband is a sleep in the afternoon (also night shifts). Or do i have to make a flow for that separatly?


Maybe you could include a variable which states that nightshiftactive is Yes or No

I’ve did the same with the blinds of my daughter. I have a flow which close the blinds every night at 20:00 and included a variable “daughtersleeping” switch to yes.

Another flow closes the blinds when it starts to rain and open the blinds when the rain stops and “daughtersleeping” is NO. Otherwise the blinds could open during the night when the rain stops.

Something similar you could include for your husband

You could create a calendar item for IF where the nightshifts are scheduled. This could be a Google calendar item through IFTTT (like mine) but there might be another possibility now to schedule this directly without IFTTT. For THEN you could switch the variabel Nightshiftactive to Yes.

Include this variable at AND in the flow which controls the curtains (something like when the sun sets and Nightshiftactive is No THEN close the curtains) If Nightshiftactive is YES then the curtains won’t close (or postpone the close curtains action).