Homey Standard Flows / Built in

Fellow members,

It seems that Homey has some pre-built flows running, because I made a flow. The flow I made is;

When someone goes to sleep
Then close the blinds
Turn off the lights
Say something

Now I have set my blinds (Connexoon) just so that one of the blinds doesn’t fully close when I go away, so that my camera that is inside, can still see outside. For some reason, when I say “Ok Homey, I am going to sleep” the blinds will close fully.

Homey also doesn’t say the line I have put in the flow, so I guess I am not triggering my own made flow, but a flow that is standard on the Homey. That is fine, but how can I change this “standard” flow?

Oh, and how does the trigger “someone went to sleep” work exactly?

Thanks in advance!

Hey, are you sure its not an old flow you created, maybe even deleted which is getting triggered?

Hmm, I can’t remember creating an earlier flow like that, so I don’t think so. Could try a reset, but I have made a LOT of flows through the last year…

Try heading to developers.athom.com - and the play ground and running this

Homey.flow.getFlows().then(f => Object.values(f).reduce((r,b)=>Object.assign(r, {[b.name]:b.triggerCount}), {}));

Homey does have built-in functionality for when you say you’re going to bed. But as far as I know it only sets your user to status Sleep, it doesn’t do anything else.
Blinds or lights don’t do anything here when I test it.

so you made 2 flows…1 for going to sleep and one for when you go away. you are sure that you didnt do something wrong in your flows

it triggers your flow when you or someone else says he or she is going to sleep.