Can't turn on hue lamp using the new cloud Homey

Hi guys, maybe someone can help me with this problem. It’s driving me crazy.
I’ve connected phillips Hue (with hue bridge) to Homey cloud.
When I try to turn on a Light in bedroom it say’s “Rate limited”. Does anyone know this isue?
I have no Idea what to do.
When I build a flow to activate a phillips hue scene it does turn on. But when I use the ‘turn on …’ flow card it does not work.

I just don’t get it to work.
It did work 2 days without no problem but now there is no way I to get it working again.

Pls provide beta feedback to Athom for Homey (cloud) and Homey Bridge here:

Will do, thanks!

That was an realy quick answer from Athom. That’s new lol :slight_smile:
See below, they are working on a solution:

"Thank you so much for reporting your issue. We are sorry to hear that the Philip Hue app is not working as expected.
The rate limit issue for this app is on our radar and we are working hard on fixing it as soon as possible.

If you encounter any other issues with Homey please continue to report them to us."

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Apparently not yet fixed, I still have the issue, do you?

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Please report to Athom;
Here’s the beta status page, with all info, including a link to report your issues to Athom

I have. The link you gave actually has that error crossed out as if it was fixed.

Yes it was fixed the next day. Since then is stated as a solved issue. When you still have the issue you can use the form mentioned earlier in the thread.

You’ll get this error only with Phillips hue devices?

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Yes, but I don’t have many other devices yet. LG tv works on a basic level and it detects my soundbar fine.