Cant setup Homey


I would appreciate some help with my Homey Pro 2019. For a while my Homey couldn’t find and upgrade firmware. Tried factory reset and now I can’t setup up my Homey because it cant upgrade. Some error message saying “hostname/ip doesn’t match certificate’s altnames: Host: is not in the cert’s altnames: DNS:*”

Looks like malware on your system or network.
The Certificate of looks good although it redirects now to Homey Pro (2016—2019) Changelog | Homey

That on the other hand shouldn’t have impact on updating your Homey’s firmware.

What is your current firmware version?

Do you have a add blocker or PI-hole on your network?

Also this site

Is absolutely nothing I recognize as a Athom or Homey site.

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Thanks for replying me Dijker.

Problem solved, but I’m not sure how. First I did a reset on my router and set it up again. Secondly I disabled mobile data on my cellphone. Now Homey setup could get on with updating firmware and it works as it should.