Can't pair z-wave


Unable to pair z-wave, tried 2 new devices i bought today.
One fibaro wall plugg z-wave plus and i philio PSR04 Smart Color Button
I get the same error message after th two blue dots have turned green.
in english something like this.
“something went wrong when the device was added.
Try again later”

I havn’t had any problems like this before, uses several fibaro smart plugs

Anyone have any idea what to do?

Picture in swedish

Did you try pairing with device very close to Homey?

The philio PSR04 Smart Color Button did pair eventually, but the fibaro doesnt get paired.
I will try closer and se if that helps

If it’s (un)secure related, try this helper app Homey Community Store

It did work at last.
So it probably was related to bad z-wave connection even if i didnt move closer to the homey

Thanks for your time

It is not somthing I invented, here is the descrition from Homey Support:

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