Can't connect hue tab dial switch to homey bridge

I just go a new homey bridge and tried to connect it to a “hue tab dial switch”, but the homey app lists only hue lamps and plugs, no accessories.

2nd problem: I also tried to connect a sonoff mini r4, but I can’t find that in the list either.

I thought it should be possible to connect them, am I wrong?

Thanks for any help!

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Yes, you are :man_shrugging:t3: Hue on Homey Cloud is severely limited (it supports more devices on Homey Pro) and I’m not sure the Sonoff is supported at all (possibly when flashed with Tasmota, but that would also require a Homey Pro).

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Oh dear! :worried:
I’ve spent a weekend googling to find out what would suit my needs.
But is there a another dimmer plus a lamp actor I can use with homey bridge?


Check the App Store for image Homey Bridge compatible apps and devices:

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This is a wifi device.

Homey cloud / bridge can’t connect to wifi devices, the marketing is not clear about that.
The bridge’s wifi is only suitable to connect to a wifi router in order to reach internet.

You’ll need a Homey Pro in order to use wifi enabled devices.

You can consider changing to Sonoff zigbee devices, or other supported devices like Aqara;
Any zigbee switch / relay should work as Homey zigbee device (on a Pro) Not sure if it goes for the bridge, but trying can’t hurt:
Add device
Select Homey
Select zigbee

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Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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Homey Bridge

Homey Pro

Anyone who is a little familiar with the subject WiFi should know the difference.

More exactly: Any SINGLE Zigbee switch / relay

@Enzoom, as already mentioned, the Sonoff Mini R4 is a WiFi switch. If you’re looking for a similar WiFi device which is supported by the Homey Bridge, I would recommend to have a look at Shelly devices resp. the Shelly Homey App:

If you have questions about the Shelly App and/or devices, please have a look at the Shelly topic:

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Thanks, Dirk.
Hmmm, the info about the bridge’s wifi is adjusted to reality, but it still says nothing about the fact one can not use, like, Sonoff/Tuya/… wifi stuff with Homey bridge.

The thing with your last opinion, to me, is, many folks are simply not that familiar with the wifi subject, to get the point it can’t connect with local wifi devices.

But positive, to me: I’ve noticed they adjusted the bridge’s wifi information to reality in other places as well:

Only the Ggl app store still shows the wrong impression:


:crazy_face: Even more exactly: Any zigbee switch, but limited to one OnOff function.


And another user who thinks it supports wifi…

I am absolutely aware that Athom’s internet presence and information can definitely be improved. But it’s getting OT.