Cannot find card "When a webhook is recieved"

When I am trying to ad a card in an advanced flow for starting a trigger initiated by a webhook in most tutorials (also from Homey) i find i have to go to “Logic”, and then I’m going to find “When a webhook is received…” But when I go to logic i find two cards. A ‘variable’ (text field) is changed and A ‘event’ (text field) in received.

Tried everything but cannot see how I make this work. Any ideas?

I use a logic card to receive a webhook.

For receiving a webhook

IF logic… is received
AND logic tag is exactly…

Homey Pro or Homey Cloud?

Homey Pro (Early 2019).

These are the cards i have. I don’t understand why the tutorials are saying another card should be there.

Event is ontvangen.


Thank you Mike for your reply. I understand that the cards have changed but they did not changed the tutorial after that. I will update the Homey team about that so they can update their tutorial.

Still, what I’m wondering about is the screenshot you made. Where did you make this screenshot? I cannot find this layout in the Homey app on my Windows (Edge browser).

I did make the screenshot with my Android tablet and the Homey app.
Open the app, flow, add a flow, add a IF card, logic, “Event is ontvangen”.