Can the Aeotec Multisensor 6 act as an repeater?

So i was looking arround for things i can use and also increase my zwave network.
i was looking for the multisensor 6
i have found the following:

USB power - Yes
Min Voltage = 4.5VDC
Max Voltage = 5.5VDC

Battery Power - No
Min Voltage = 2.6VDC
Max voltage = 3.2VDC

As always many sites say it doesnt work as an repeater and keeps sleeping like all sensors…

Is there someone here who can confirm if it works as an repeater?

By own experience:

USB-powered: YES
Battery powered: NO

I can also confirm that all six Aeotec multisensors 6 that I own and are USB powered, act as repeaters.

You guys are the best!! thanks for the reply!!