Hard Wiring Motion Sensors

Does anyone know of a way to hard wire motion sensors, or motion sensors that are already hard wired and work with homey?

I’m remodeling my house and figure would be good to see the back of changing batteries while I’m doing it, but no idea how

Currently using a mix of Xiaomi ZigBee and Neo Zwave sensors, but open to replacement


By “hard wire” I guess you mean mains powered rather than battery powered?
If yes, then Aeotec Multisensor 6 is one of the best. Not cheap, though.
When powered via the USB, those sensors are quite responsive including almost instant Lux report.

I have all mines powered from one source, a 6VDC p/s then all looped with one cable. I went for a 6V rather than 5V just because the loop is long (all around the house) hence, to compensate for voltage drop.

Yeah, totally hardwired = not battery

Do you have an example of what the power supply you’re using is?
Are you just connecting standard usb cables into it?

EDIT: Ouch - not cheap are they!

Those sensors require no more than 50mA each so with an 1A power supply is enough to serve safe 10-12 in the same time.
Yes, I am using a long two core cable and the USB cable that came with the Aeotec sensors I cut one end and tap into the two core cable.

Yep, no cheap sensors those Aeotec.

Going to keep my eyes peeled for a cheaper option (maybe someone will pipe up here), but that might well be the way I go.

Out of interest, with those sensors would they be best placed in the corner at an angle or recessed?

Also, any idea what the difference between Multisensor 5 and 6 is? (apart from 5 being round)

Just came across something about running Cat5 through the walls and adapting to usb… anyone done / heard of this?

Either way, recessed looks nice, all my outdoor mounted units are recessed under the eve. Inside I have them in corners since they give me much more coverage than when recessed as you have much more flexibility to adjust the incline angle vs when recessed.
You can see the coverage map in their manual.

Quite a difference in between 5 and 6.
5 is about twice bigger and ugly in my opinion compared with 6. I would not have it inside the house. I had some around the house but not very good, quite slow in response and they used to ‘hang’ in motion every now and then for some reason. Since i’ve changed with 6 no problems at all…

Shame - the 5 is significantly cheaper!! Helpful feedback however!
Not to worry…