No motion detection from Aeotec multisensor 4 in 1 gen5

After re-installing all my Z-Wave devices in my new Homey (My old one got bricked), I am unable to get my 2 Aeotec multisensor 4 in 1 gen5 (The old round one) to detect any motion.

Battery, Temp, humidity and luminance is all reporting as it should.

Any suggestions?

Yes, for some reason it does this but if you leave it for a while (like an hour or so) it will solve itself.
I have 3 of those units and faced the same problem after inclusion.

No change after 24 hrs…

Is it battery or USB powered?

If battery, then maybe the routing is not right, try wake up the sensor after you install it in the final location (press the button once) as well as “heal” in the z-wave developers tool.
If USB powered, then also wake up after final location.
If no joy, unplug Homey for 10-15 minutes.
Last resort, exclude and include again the sensor. Keep it this time close to Homey after inclusion and see if motion reports in a while.

Mines are USB powered and all three had similar problem. After inclusion, I kept them first close to Homey until the motion was reported (before it was dash -) and then locate them to their place and pushed the button again. That worked for me.

Hope this helps.

There is an Issue on Git but didn’t know if this also affected on Aeotec-Devices:

I think his sensor does not detect anything showing a - (dash). The issue on Gihub is for sensors get stuck in motion which previously detected something.

Not sure. Got some of Fibaro-Motion (before Philio) and they sometimes detect nothing. Or have Nonstop-Detecting.

Deleted both sensors and re-included them again. Strangely one of the sensors refused to be included on battery power (with fresh batteries), but included with USB power connected.
Both sensors had constant motion alarm after inclusion. Left them beside the Homey for 10-15 minutes and the motion alarm disappeared. They both now reacts to movements as they should.

Nice! I still recommend to wake them up (push the button) once you move them to the final position.

P.S. I did put some effort and brought USB power to all three units that I own. Since then all three have been working perfect, touch wood…