Aeotec Multisensor 6 movement alarm

Hi, I’ve got a problem with my Aeotec Multisensor 6. Apparently there’s something wrong with the sensor. The led is constantly changing in colour and it doesn’t sense any movement. It is USB powered.

Please advise.

Regards Bobby Screenshot_20190429-200801

If the LED is constantly changing the colour means that your sensor is excluded from Homey. Weird, indeed, since you can still see it in devices.
I would try the following:
1.Go to developer tools here: scroll all the way down and click Remove Any Node then push one time the sensor button. If successful you should see a message on a green background.
2. Include your sensor again on the normal way.



Access to the developer side of things is great - gives me a lot of insight and answers a lot of questions.

Thanks for the post

An other little question about Multisensor 6 : is it possible to turn off the movement led ? Thanks.


Only with device firmware v1.8 and up.

That’s right, @Rocodamelshekima.

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Not working, still turn on on motion.

Place a sticker over the LED.

LED Behavior must be activated. I guess it’s a mistake in the description.
If you do not use a USB adapter, the sensor must be woken up so that the changes can be saved.

Already did this but the led is too much powerfull. I have 6 of them in bedroom so it is very annoying !

Oh ok ! I’m gonna try this.

It’s weird, working on some devices but not all. :thinking:

Okay?! Can’t explain that.

This is the actually firmware version of mine MS6:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-05 um 10.32.27

It’s also weird, because this is the change history of the fw (source):

Fw 1.12 is not listed, and your’s 1.14 isn’t listed at all.
Don’t know if it depends on the Z-Wave frequency.

Well i guess some of my kids will sleep correctly now without led and some will complain again. :joy:

I’m a little bit tired about zwave products : bugs and nearly impossible to update… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I am very satisfied with Z-Wave.
The possibility to update the firmware is another thing, that sucks partly, that’s right.
But that depends mainly on the manufacturers of the gateways and the devices.

So i need to remove my 6 units from the wall, add them to the zwave stick that i don’t have and add it back to homey and put them back to the wall… 1h to update it all.
Versus one button to update my 45 Shelly.
Anyway, i need to find why the led remained on even with the setting on.