Aeotec Multisensor 6 keeps detecting motion if nobody present


so my problem is basicly in the description. No one is in the room but the sensor keeps detecting motion. Screenshot below. I allready tried removing batterys, using usb power, removing and adding the device. I have several Fibaro motion sensors and they all work fine. So im guessing it has something to do with the sensor itself.

It looks like a sensor problem. Try reducing the motion sensitivity.

Mine either doesn’t detect motion at all or is stuck at motion detection. Sometimes it works for a couple of days and then back to zip again. I know it’s the sensor. I updated the firmware and finally even got it apart, but alas peanutbutter… All other sensors are working fine btw…

Lowered sensitivity but No change. I will have to buy A z wave stick and try to update firmware

I updated the firmware of the sensor but still same problem. Maybe it got a little better but still detects motion on random moments. I will try to disable some flows and apps that are using this sensor, maybe somehow related? I have homeykit running and use the humiditi sensor to turn on a fan. I’ll try to disable these but i dont think this will help

Faulty sensor? mine works like a charm for weeks since i installed it.

Crossed my mind also. I will order a new sensor. I was planning to expand my network a little and would need a new sensor anyways.

have you tried it with batteries or UBS powered?

I have 2 MS 6 in use. One with Batterie the second one with usb. No issues with both so far!

Yes i did power it from USB for a while to be sure. Still same thing. It seems to me more and more that it must be a faulty sensor.

Hi @Laur_Kaarna did you solve this?

I have 6 sensors and 5 of them are dooing great, but the last one went from ok to always motion. Ive had it replaced, same problem.
Factory reset, firmware update, battery replacement didnt made any difference. Ive noticed that it doesnt do this on mains power

Did anyone find a solution for this problem, after a battery change of one of my sensors I’m experiencing the same problem. as Laur Kaarna describes

@Eric_Vrugt & @Laur_Kaarna Yes i solved it by chaning the batteries to new Duracell ones. And the permanent motion problem went away

despite of using working batteries from another multisensor (with no motion problems), the problem went away with new batteries.

Thanks @matrover, this fixed my problem as well.

Bought a new sensor and problem fixed. Guess the old one in fact was broken.

I had the same probleem.
Included the node when I had battery in the sensor and powered it with usb afterwards
The sensor had motion detection always
So removed the node and included it again usb powered
Now it works fine