Aeotec multisensor first generstion

Is it just me?
I have three aeotec multisensors. Motion detection is not working anymore, other values are ok. Installed the app again, but no luck. All the sensors are usb powered. (on 2.0)

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I only have one but it it working (as well as it ever has)
I’ve always had intermittent trigger failures with it but I think it’s the sensor as the LED on the sensor doesn’t come on. It normally fixes itself after a while. Even when it’s not detecting movement the tamper alarm still works. It can also be a bit slow to detect.
Using Homey V2-rc9.

I have the same with my new Multi 6. After adding everything is reported correctly except movement. Every sensor gets updated, tamper alarm works fine, but no movement at all. At some point when i re-added the sensor the movement came on but never went off. Doesn’t make a difference if powered by battery or usb.

I’m not sure which version I have for the multi sensor, but movement detection is working fine for me. It activated lights multiple times a day. My Honey is still on 1.5.13.

yes … me too

Eh, me too what exactly?

Sorry… I was replying to the OP.

I am having the same issue originally stated… No motion

Are you on Homey 1 or 2?

Homey 2

I think there is a correlation when three out of four user who report an issue are on Homey 2.

In fact… The new insights 2.0 page doesn’t even show the Motion as an option the device

boolean data isn’t shown atm, you can file a report:
(I did, asking for a 0/1 graph for booleans)

You can see the on/off log in the actual device on the … ‘tab’/view.

same here, got 2 of these sensors and both NO motion detection anymore.
I use Homey 1…

It seems it stopped working around 28 december

I hope someone is looking at this.

Did you guys file a report at ?


I have the same issue, no motion is ever reported. Homey sw 1.5.13, aeotec app version 2.0.18. The problem started when I upgraded to the latest aeotec app. In the same update my aeotec RGB ledbulbs also stopped responding to on/off commands.

i allready reported this issue to Athom, they looked into it and reported this issue to the app developer.

Athom could not find anything wrong in my logs, the advise was to try to repair the devices and reinstall the app.
I declined that because this would destroy a lot of my flows, they then advised to wait for an update of the app in the hope the developer would fix this problem.

Still no solution for this?