Can’t update to 11.1.2, not enough diskspace?

So I do have a Homey Pro which has a diskspace of 2.7GB. The swap file is 1.1GB, so I have 1.6GB left for other stuff. I just use a couple of apps, not that much space is being used by them.

There now is an update, 11.1.2 which won’t install. I see the update has an enormous size of 2.4GB. I wonder why Homey makes a device with 2.7GB of storage and an update of 2.4GB, but hey, I am not the pro here.

How can I run this update? Are there any other methods to install it? Or is the only option to start from scratch?

Could it also be possible that it won’t run the update, because I stopped making automatic backups each day?

Your Homey Pro has 8GB of storage divided over different partitions. The “user” partition of 2.7GB is used by apps and (user) data, and that’s the storage that you see.

Firmware is stored on a different partition (two of them, in fact), and AFAIK doesn’t require any of the space on the user partition.

In other words: there’s probably another reason why the update won’t install (are you getting errors?).

You can try and install the update through the USB method.

Thanks, I did not know there is also an USB method of installing. But… before I wanted to try that method I thought to try it just one more time. and finally it did continu.

I did not get any errors before. It just stopped within the app. My feeling is that the download wasn’t ready or so.

Guess the most important: What error did you get installing it the default way OTA? And have you reported it to Athom?