Can´t add my Homey Bridge

Hi there! :slight_smile: I need some serious help. A while ago i noticed that my lamps etc wouldn´t turn on/off as they usually do at certain times. Then i noticed that my Homey Bridge was pulsating blue and lacked all connection to my wifi. I searched the net and found that people with similar issus had gotten their Homey´s replaced, so I went back to the store and got a new one on my warranty. But when trying to add this new Bridge i encounter a few new problems. First of all there is no Bridge to be chosen when trying to add a new device…only Pro´s - older and newer versions. I deleted my old Bridge of course but that made no difference. So i tried by creating a new account and all of a sudden I was able to add a new Bridge…only it wont add mine of course. The app finds it but it can´t install it, i only get a “writeDescriptor failed for descriptor” message. Unless i´m able to find some help here, i´m just gonna return the darn thing and go on using my Telldus system instead. :frowning:

// Andreas

You seem to use different or unclear model naming.

  • Homey:
    • Homey cloud/premium. Just the app running a cloud instance of Homey
  • Homey bridge:
    1. accessory to Homey, a piece of hardware to extend Homey with local radio protocols like zigbee, IR etc.
    1. accessory to Homey Pro 2023 as IR + 433MHz satellite & as zigbee + zwave router

From what I read, I suspect you deleted your Homey instance, which is irreversable.
In this case, you have to start over by adding a new Homey cloud instance,
which is what you did,
and then you could add the bridge to Homey.

This is just a users forum, you want to communicate these issues to Athom, write to Support | Homey

This is just a users forum, I don’t care what you do if you’re not finding some help :blush::wink:
Saying things like that increases the chances with 0.0% :crazy_face: