Issue with Homey Bridge connecting to Homey Pro 2023

Hi Guys!

I´m trying to connect a Homey Bridge to my Homey Pro 2023 as a satellite.
When I start to add the device Homey Pro finds the Bridge. So far so easy.
Then I click to add it and it asks me which location within the house I want to assign it to.
Now it becomes strange.

  1. When I add it to Home I get an error “Rate Limit”.
  2. When I add it to Bedroom I get “A Brdige with this serial doesnt exist”.

After starting up, the bridge breathes blue. During setup it becomes green. After the error it starts to breath blue again.

What am I doing wrong?

Not sure if there is a way at all to do something wrong but…

If someone has an idea, please let me know.



Probsbly not something the community can help eith.

For support or issue resolution, first have a look at If you are unable to find the answer to your question on you can send a support request to Athom via

If you need help you can read more about how to submit a support request.

When filing a support request, make sure you add all necessary information so Athom can help you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your reply.

Before posting here I contacted the Athom support. Got a system reply with „please wait for 2-3 weeks for a reply“.
They seem to be extremely busy these days. So that’s why I try it here. Maybe it is something known.



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All I know: in general, Homey rate limits are getting removed after 24hrs

After 24 hrs same story. same issues. will send the bridge back and order. a new one. maybe something is wrong with the device itself and not homey.

Finally it turned out to be a hardware issue. Athom support replied one day later (not 2-3 weeks as automatic reply indicated) apologizing for that.
Got a shop code for a Bridge for free. 48 hours later it was delivered.

What an experience!!! Beside the technical aspect, Athom is also way ahead in terms of customers service compared to Fibaro.

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