Can´t add any new Zigbee devices

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@RoyWissenburg , point taken. Would it be the solution to build my mesh from scatch across all rooms, instead of building room by room, one by one. I.e. install a few lights/routers in the living, few in the hall, few on the driveway. And after that add the rest of the complete network, routers as well end devices. Total installation would be about 70 lights and 25 end devices as I expect now, all zigbee. (Nearly everything Ikea tradfri and Xiomi Aqara)

@robertklep , sorry, i’ts my inexperence. I read a sort like answer before, but I still don’t understand if I need to hold the end device in pairing mode besides the Homey, or besides the light/router in that final location room. Or “just in the final room”. (so; booting up the homey in that specific room, wait for total initilazisation and than pair the end devices in that final location. Afterwards booting the homey for normal running in the utilities closet and don’t touch it again)
Sidenote; I will turn off the driveway lights (16 routers) and then pair devices in the house to try if they will be forced paired through a router. But let me first understand if I need to re-build the mesh from scratch to have good coverage - or spread some of the driveway lights to inside and rename them / keeping them as routers of the first 20 connected devices (Roy), and where to hold the end device while pairing (Robert). Thanks again!!

The best solution:

  • do a full Zigbee reset
  • start adding router devices across your home, in their final location. Leave Homey in the utilities closet (i.e. its “normal” location). It’s probably best to add a (router) device in one room, move to another room, add a device there, move to the next room, etc
  • once all router devices have been added, give the network some time to settle, ideally a few days
  • lastly, add end devices to your network, again one at a time per room, preferably in or near their final location. Leave the existing router devices and Homey where they are.

Thanks Robert,

Need to find some time to do the full reset and test this approach. I thought that while pairing, the device should always be very close to the Homey, so I paired all GU10’s at one test lamp fixture beside my Homey, named them, and spread them through the entire property. I think that’s what caused the wrong basis with related problems. I’'m gonna do a little planning before, where to put the first router devices (Zigbee GU10’s, E27’s), install them and after a few days I start adding the rest of the lights plus the end devices.

I’ll write an update here later about the findings. Hope It will help others trying to solve this kind of problem.

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Hello all,

I am new here, and not sure if this question is in the right place here. I have an Aqara G2 hub camera. This is a zigbee device. This device is not supported/available in the Aqara/Xiaomi app. Is it possible to add the camera to the Homey as a Zigbee device outside of the Aqara/Xiaomi app?


Detailed experiences given on, because also related to that conversation: How to set up IKEA tradfri gateway app?