Can DoorBird station connect to two Homey Pros (one on the same LAN/WAN, the other on a different LAN/WAN)

Hi all. I’m doing a gut reno on a brownstone and prepping for an automated home. I’m interested in the Homey Pro and DoorBird and came up with this scenario. I’m new at networking and home automation but work in tech.

I would like to ideally have two Homey Pros on their own LAN/WANs access the same DoorBird station (one Homey Pro shares the same LAN/WAN as the DoorBird). Here’s the hardware:

  • 1 DoorBird main station for 2 unit building
    • This is connected to 2 I/O controllers (each with 3 relays). These controllers are connected to 2 main entrance doors (shared between the controllers) and then the last relay connects to each apartment door separately.
  • 2 Homey Pros - one for each unit
  • Network will be Unifi (1 dream machine cloud gateway; 1 48 port switch; 2 ISPs)
    • I want to create 2 WANs - one for each apartment.

From what I read, I would maybe need to create a subnet that the Homey Pros connect to but would like confirmation.

Lastly, I couldn’t find anything online on how I could configure the relays. Anyone do something like this before? How do each relay show up in Homey Pro advance flow? As in, can I create a flow for 2 scenarios:

  1. Delivery personnel prompt, when clicked, will only open ‘Main Entrance’ and ‘2nd Entrance’ relays.
  2. All open prompt will open all doors.

When you look at it a bit different, you can install the Doorbird on one of the Homey’s in the same LAN, and just connect the two Pro’s using this app set (through a VPN):

Oh! This is great! Thank you Peter_Kawa!

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In the app it looks like this, look at the picture. The first two relays are standard in the doorbird unit (without safety).
The relays marked in red are the 3 from the controller. You can select each relay individually or of course use each one in a flow.

Thank you Asterix - this is exactly what I needed!