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Communication between Homey pro and Home center 3

Is it possible to get Homey pro and a Home center 3 to communicate?

If Home center “talks” MQTT, it’s possible

I don’t want to hijack the thread but I’m having a related question. Can I read data from one Homey to another Homey? I got a temperature sensor in one Homey and would like to read it in another.

That should be possible if you install both MQTT Client and -Hub app on both Homey’s, and a MQTT Broker on one of the Homey’s or a NAS f.i.

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Thank you :roll_eyes: phh, this sounds like some tinkering. I’d also need to go through firewalls and dynamic IPs, no - it’s different housholds.

It can be little intimidating at first. If you follow the how-to by Undertaker, it should work :wink:
Owh, Homey’s at different locations is a bit more complicated. Then I should use secured connections.

Using the NetScan app, you can monitor the 2nd location’s internet IP address