Homey Pro with DoorBird, Relay Switches & Multi-Unit Building

Hi everyone:

So major noob here - both with reddit consumption and home automation. But everyone’s gotta start somewhere, eh?

My friend and I (and our wives) are currently in a full gut renovation, building a double duplex out of our BK brownstone (to live in - not sell). I’m planning the entire home automation myself (I’m a database engineer and my brother has automated his home with Smartthings and Hubitat), but I do not have any devices nor have experience setting up/connecting devices yet via smart home hubs. Since this is carte blanche, I have full reign over options, and already planned everything out… except ONE thing that is giving me a headache: building out a multi-unit (2 total) entryway system that will connect to my scenes and automations.

*Note my north star is everything contained in 1 app/dashboard… so we’ll see how this goes.

Products/Devices (2x per Apt - except DoorBird bell & relays):

  • Homey Pro (HA close second - though I’m really torn here cause Homey Pro UI is sexy).
  • Fibaro on/off switch (open to other options)
  • DoorBird 2 unit IP intercom
  • 4x door strike relays
  • Unifi (standard 48 PoE switch, dream machine pro gateway, power strip + rack)
  • ISP from verizon and their own modem

    Seems from all the posts I read that all these products have ‘official’ app integrations with Homey Pro, and I can set up an advanced flow like this:

When bell 1 rings, then send push confirmation to Apt 1 owners with screenshot (or video if doable) | options: 'Open - Delivery '; ‘Open - Friend’; ‘Ignore’

Above selection will kick off next flow and the door timing relay (e.g. main entrance open 5 seconds for delivery ONLY, no other doors. OR, main entrance open for 5 seconds, then 2nd entrance = 5 sec, then apt 1 door = 60 sec (take shoes/hats off etc) before locking all, using the on/off relay switches to trigger.

Will my diagram work? Or is there another/better solution someone can steer/link me towards. There’s not much out there about multiple units and home automation with two unit owners having collective access for some things (front entrance) while restricting access to their own units as well.

End of the day, I’d LOVE avoiding purchasing all this gear then learning my theoretical build is a bust.