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Can a flow refer to itsself?

Wanted to create a flow to turn of family room lights if no one is about.
Normally go off at 10:30 but sometime we sit up later.

So a Aeotec sensor detects movement and starts a 10min timer if the lights are on and movement detected.
At 10:30 the flow checks the timer is at zero and if it is switches the lights off.
If it isn’t it waits 10mins then tries again.
Can seem to see the flow in the drop down and when i type it in manually, it will not save it.

Not all flow appear in the drop down box, so do they need to be a certain type ?

Am i doing something wrong ?

You can only start flows that have the ‘This flow is started’ card in the ‘When’ column.
But why don’t you just reset the timer every time there is movement in the room? That way the timer only hits 0 when everyone left (or everyone is sitting very still) and then turns off the lights. That’s the way I (and most people, I guess) built their flows.

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And plz don’t start the same flow in that flow. U can get a loop and u really don’t want that!

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