Button to switch between preprogrammed different atmospheres

Greetings everyone, I’m seeking a solution to seamlessly transition between different atmospheres using just one button.
The objective is to effortlessly switch between various pre-programmed atmospheres using a single switch (Aqara), such as cozy or work, for instance.
For example, one press on the button triggers cozy lighting, and another press on the same button activates work lighting.
Could you assist me with this?

Do you mean one real button, or do you want a Virtual device button in the Homey app?

You mention an Aqara switch so I assume you mean a single physical button. For the sake of this response I’m going to assume you know how to create a flow that sets your lights to their desired settings for each ‘atmosphere’ but are wondering how to get the single switch to cycle through the available atmospheres.

The key point is that you need to introduce the concept of a state that is not just on or off, but can cycle through your atmospheres. To do this, create a variable. You could use a text variable to store the name of the current atmosphere. Set it initially to one of your atmosphere names.

Then create either a series of simple flows or one advanced flow triggered by your physical button press. The flow(s) needs to check that variable to find out which atmosphere you were already in. Depending on the answer, the flow should then set the lights for the next atmosphere in the cycle and finally set the variable to the name of the new current atmosphere. One of your atmospheres should be ‘off’.

Does that help?

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As an advanced flow it would look something like this


I put another variation on the multiple activities per button here…


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Thanks for helping me out!

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