Built-in Transmitter Zigbee

Currently I’ve a KAKU AWMT-003 built-in transmitter which is connected to my original switch.
They will sent signal to several ACC-2300 wall outlet receivers.

I’m looking into the possibility to get rid of this wall outlet receivers and looking for some zigbee lightning (for example Ikea which can be connected to Homey directly without any bridge or something like that)

But, as the transmitter is on 433,92 Mhz and I’ve no 230V where’s the transmitter located I’m wondering what should be the best option for a new transmitter. Offcourse I can make a flow which will turn on the lightning via Homey, but guess this will result in a latency.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Only options to achieve this without flows (delays) and on the Zigbee network of Homey is to use Zigbee Touchlink capable devices.

Either a wall controller (battery powered, but will replace the existing switches) or an 3-wire in-wall dimmer (requires pulling cables).

Alternative is using a Hue hub and linking your lights to the hub and the hub to Homey (2 separate Zigbee networks).

Final alternative (using flows), is connecting a Aqara remote to the existing switches (search the forum for hack guide)…