Build Xiaomi aquara zigbee wall switch (220v) in round box?

Did anybody already build a Build Xiaomi aquara zigbee wall switch (220v) in a (european)round wall box?
The switch is made for square boxes.
I am wondering if it will fit in our dutch wall boxes (with or without modification)

Im looking for a zigbee switch, precondition is I should also be able to operate it directly via a switch ( in case homey is down, wifi is down zigbee mesh is down).
I looked at the fibaro, but dont have any zwave yet so my zwave (mesh) range will probably be an issue.

This one looks fine, just not sure if it will fit

image image

It wont fit without modification and I have not seen anyone able to fit it inside a EU wall box with modification as the circuitboard is already squized inside the square aqara wall switch. If you want to use these switches your only option is to fit a bigger wall box in your wall.

I had the same constraints as you when I started. Switch must be operable in case gateway (homey) is down. I was looking at the same aquara switches but they are too big for our round installation boxes. I’ve ended with fibaro double and single switches.

I did replace togle switches I had with momentary switches. If you have round installation boxes at least 6cm deep you should be ok.

The good part about a mesh network is that it does not need it’s host (Homey) to operate (unless you control all via flows ofcource) I know Z-wave stores the associations locally in the modules, hence when using a wireless switch controlling a lamp (with the module in the light armature) it will even work when homey is out of reach or down.

My living room has only one installation box to control the lamps in front and back of the room. I Wired the mains directly to the lamp boxes and installed Zwave modues in the armature. a few stick-on wall switches control my lights, works perfectly.

@willumpie Can you have zwave switch and gateway controlling the actuator (relay) at the same time? So can you associate one action with two controllers (the switch and the gateway). I know you sometimes has different groups on the relay which can be associated with different nodes but i don know if more then one in the same group is possible.

Can you send scrshoot how associations for one light actuator looks like in your config? You will have someting like group 1: Node 1 and something else i.e.

Indeed you can associate one or multiple nodes the relay and switch (group)
This is the config of a wireless switch, but you could do the same for relay modules, the comma seperated entry are multiple nodes controles by a single association


I send a mail to Aqara and a EU version that fit 50mm wall sockets will be released second half of 2019. An exact release data was not yet available.


Second half of 2019 has been long time ago I guess, I hope they release it soon :slight_smile:

What calendar do you use? For me, it goes to the end of this year.

Latest update I saw is end of 2020…

Can this be an alternative?

Aquara Opple they fit u can put them over the box with 3 screws