Fibaro Double Switch FGS-223

I have multiple Fibaro FGS-223 Double Switches in my house which I would like to use with Homey, either for switching a lamp and the other to start a flow.

With one of the buttons I can trigger my lamp, but the second button (connected to a flow) doesn’t work. The flow itself works, when I trigger the button in the Homey app it works, but it doesn’t work when pressing the real button.

I can test this out for you when I get home to see if it is a local fault or an issue with the driver.

Hi Theo, are you using the card Right Switch Scene (S2) Pressed/Switched 1x by any chance?
This did the trick for me, other cards were producing unreliable or delayed performance.

Sorry for the delay guys.

I use the Left Switch Scene (S1), Pressed/Switched 1x to switch on a Fibaro wallplug and another device.
The flow works fine when I test it in Homey app, but not with the switch itself.

Can S2 scene association directly trigger another fibaro switch? Not trough the flow but trough group association? Did anyone tryed this?

I am not sure what you mean by directly, but I have associated S2(dummy) to a Fibaro RGBW controller, controlling an LED-strip to switch it on/off, since re-associating the switch last week it finally seems to work flawlessly.

@RTimmer I think I would like just what you said. Could you send me scr shoot of associations (groups) in the advance settings of the double switch? I would be thankful.

It’s pretty straightforward, I captured the flow in this screenshot:
I did not really change associations, maybe I expressed it wrong in the earlier post :smile:

Aha, no no I would like to know / accomplish direct communication between fgs-223 and for instance dimmer without homey. In case homey is down i.e.

Member confirm you can directly associate zwave switch with actor (dimmer or similar). I think this can be done also with fgs-223 i just have to test. Don know anyone who already tried it.

Fgs-223 has 5 association groups (if I remember correctly). Some for scenes some for on/off s1/S2 actions. By adding id’s of the actor it should send commands directly to it aside of homey (id1). This is my idea, don’t know if it’s possible.