Bug with philips motion sensor?

Enable experiments.

I had that before, reactivated.

thank you very much, TOP

I have just sent Athom an email if the can finally solve this issue… It’s a blame that is is not solved already

A bug with the Athom hue app? Or the zigbee hue app…

athom app loosing connection
zigbee app loosing connection

as a workaround i have bought Philips hub,connect my Philips devices to the hub. updated for 8 hours, all Philips
devices, installed via athom hue app, still loosing connection. 2nd workaround, restart the app every 2 hours.
now with both workarounds I’m ok, but it’s just a workaround.

btw I got an answer last week from support. known issue, working on a solution.
ps the hub solved also the problem integrating Dresden elektronik fls-pp3. there is an unofficial app, but not fully integrated.

Is the zigbee app not made by Athom? The biggest problem is the direct connection to homey with the zigbee app. With te bridge the polling time is most of the time a problem for me so i really want to connect te sensor directly to homey… Its a bit annoying that it is stil not possible…

Which zigbee app?
With every app the developer is mentioned: Homey Apps

both is broken

direct connect to lamps via homey, broken
connect via Philips hub, broken, working with mentioned workarounds

With the hue bridge the sensor works, i made flow’s with the hue sensors en everything is going well. The only problem with the sensor via the bridge is the delay of max 5 sec… thet’s sometimes verry annoying

agree, but I have to restart the app currently every 2 hours as @Osorkon suggested.
is there since the last 8 days a new release of the app?

thank you :):+1:
I will try to disable restarting

The beta 4.09 is not better.
The opposite, after a while, the lights can not even switch with the hue app. When I turn off homey and reboot the Hue Bridge, the lights can be turned on again via the Hue app. Once homey is turned back on, the Hue Bridge starts to make trouble.
Back to stable 4.06, the Hue Bridge seems to be back to normal. Unfortunately, I still have the problem that the Philips Hue App hangs after a few hours and no devices are available.
What only helps is to restart the app every few hours.

i have installedthe latest beta yesterday, deactivated restart of hue app, until now, about 17 hours, it seems to be stable.
but I would really like to use the direct communication, with the other app.

@adem_p What is the memory usage after 17 hours?
After switch from beta to stable, I had also a uptime of more than 24 h!

wow this is really a lot!!!


Here same problems. Because of the homey zigbee problems I decided to connect all bulbs to the hue bridge. But it’s a disaster. Every couple of hours the bulbs become disconnected.

Only thing I do not understand: when this happend in the app page in the homey app there is a pause button visible bebind the hue app. Is this because it has crashed? Or something else…

In that case, a flow with “when the hue app has been crashed, restart it” will be a good workaround. Insteat of “just every couple of hours”.

Unfortunately, App is paused is not the same like app is crashed. So a flow: „When app is crashed then restart app“ does not work !!
I already tried this!

But it does mean the app is not running anymore so devices will go offline aye?

New beta is availible. Version 4.0.10. So, let’s try it out!