[Bug] Delayed command cancelled on Homey update


I come across a bug (probably) which resulted into command cancellation. This is what happened:

My flow started at 4:00, opened a water valve to water a garden and start another flow, delayed by 60 minutes, to close the water valve (i.e. i’m doing 1 hour watering of my garden). At 4:32, Homey itself gets automatically updated (to 7.4.2). Not sure if Homey was also rebooted with the update but it resulted into cancellation of my delayed flow so, at 7:00 after i woke up and look from the window, watering was still in progress. :smiley: .

Probably a bug but i’m not sure where to report it.

It’s not a bug, flows just aren’t persistent.

You can use the Chronograph app. The timers are persistent on a Homey restart.

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Or create 2 flows… :wink:
I recommend to disable the automatic update. You will be informed in the timeline when a new update is available. And then you can update whenever you want.


I did the same and that works, maybe with some additional delay but better than nothing.
Still if the timer ends just after restart before the Popp app for the flowstop is started it could fail.

Yes, that can occour.
That’s why I’m using a Linktap valve. It’s stopping after the set delay (set on start). So it’s the safest way for the garden.

Can you send a link for that device? Thanks.

Here is the Amazon link:
LinkTap G2S Drahtlose Bewässerungscomputer, Gateway, Wassermengenzähler - Automatische Bewässerungsuhr IP66 mit App für Garten, Größere Reichweite Als WiFi, Echtzeit-Fehlererkennung & Benachrichtigung https://amzn.eu/d/gs79wXa

And the app: